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Physical Rehabilitation

If you have recently undergone surgery, sustained an injury or developed a medical condition, physical rehab can help you recover and regain your health. Dr. Ghaziaskar, offers a number of physical rehabilitation treatments designed to address your specific condition and goals. We understand that no two patients are alike, and will develop a therapy plan that is customized for you.

Before beginning physical rehabilitation, a member of our medical team will first conduct a thorough examination as well as a diagnostic assessment to diagnose your ailment. Once we know where the problem lies, our doctor can then prescribe an appropriate course of action.

Physical rehab encompasses a wide variety of therapies, which include:

  • electrical muscle stimulation
  • massage therapy
  • manual therapy
  • ultrasound
  • heat and cold therapy

In addition, exercise therapy may be useful if you are experiencing loss of muscle mass or a limited range of motion. Your physiotherapist will not only walk you through a personalized exercise regimen during your time together, but can also develop a plan for you to complete at home in order to expedite the recovery process.

Physical rehabilitation can have a significant impact on your health and overall wellbeing. To learn more about our Irvine physical rehab services, please contact Dr. Ghaziaskar at 949-660-7246 today to set up a free initial consultation.

*You have the right to rescind within 72 hours, any obligation to pay for the services provided in addition to free or discounted services. Not valid for Medicare/Medicaid patients.*

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Newport Pain Relief
19742 MacArthur Blvd Irvine California 92612 United States
Newport Pain Relief
19742 MacArthur Blvd Irvine California 92612 United States