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Auto Accidents

The impact of a car crash–no matter how slow the vehicles were traveling–can cause a number of soft tissue injuries that may go unnoticed during an initial examination or on x-rays following the collision. For this reason, seeing a doctor who is experienced with evaluating injuries to the muscle, ligaments and tendons and treating them is critical. Newport Spine & Physical Medicine, in Irvine, has helped a number of patients recover from their auto accident injuries in order to return to their normal life.

Whiplash is one of the most common injuries sustained in a car accident. When your vehicle is impacted by another vehicle, the sudden force can cause your head to whip forward, and then whip back to its initial position–resulting in cervical strain or sprain. If left untreated, soft tissue injuries–such as whiplash–can cause chronic pain long after the accident has occurred.

Our practice offers a number of therapy options that are effective in treating auto accident injuries:

  • Physical rehab
  • Chiropractic care
  • Graston technique
  • Active Release Technique

Your doctor will work closely with you to determine which accident treatment option will benefit your specific injury.

Early treatment of your car accident injury will improve your recovery. So don’t delay, contact our office today at 949-660-7246 for a FREE consultation on her Irvine auto accident treatment.

*You have the right to rescind within 72 hours, any obligation to pay for the services provided in addition to free or discounted services. Not valid for Medicare/Medicaid patients.*

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Newport Pain Relief
19742 MacArthur Blvd Irvine California 92612 United States
Newport Pain Relief
19742 MacArthur Blvd Irvine California 92612 United States